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Project Sample: Natural Resources Switzerland

Project Sample: Natural Resources Switzerland
By Nicole Notter

Project description

Since 1891 lime and clay as well as the production of cement have been closely related to the history of the municipalities of Auenstein, Veltheim and Möriken-Wildegg. The first two pit stones «Jakobsberg» and «Un-teregg» were situated in Auenstein and Veltheim. (http://www.zukunft-steinbruch.ch/, 27.7.2017)

However, the natural potential of the pit stones is going to be exhausted soon. The Jura Cement company intends to expand the mining area at the expense of recreational, interactive space and a quiet settlement area. This led to an intense debate and conflict of interests between local politicians, citizens and the Jura Cement company representatives. This debate forms a complex basis for the students to analyse, evaluate and judge the economic, ecological and social impacts of an eventual mining expansion in the corresponding areas.